Wednesday, December 14, 2011

50's inspired vintage makeup

If you want to create a real vintage look, 50's makeup would definately help you to do that. It is an elegant and feminine makeup, which emphasize the eyes. In addition, the red lips make the whole retro  look completed and look really fashionable even these days.

How to choose the best baseball bag?

Nowadays the number of people, who are fascinated with baseball, is growing fastly. Despite the fact that the sport is recognized as a national american game, it has plenty of fans in various parts of the world. What is more, plenty of boys all over the globe dream about becoming a famous baseball player. Actually, it requires a lot of work and patience in order to achieve the highest level. However, not only the physical strenght and the excelent knowledge of baseball tactics is important. As a fact, the baseball equipment also plays a significant role while the match.
In fact, a professional baseball player would probably agree with the statement that uncomfortable clothing limits the movements. That way sportmen just cannot move in a proper way and cannot realize all their posibilities and talents to win a match. We cannot also forget about the importance of baseball footwear. Moreover, baseball cleats are probably the most severe part of the whole clothing for a baseman as they guarantee a good traction to the field. It is the reason why every serious baseball player chooses his equipment carefully.
As a fact, it is not so easy to get a proper batting gloves or helmet nowadays, because there is a huge variety of different type of baseball equipment on the market. All of them differ by cost, style and quality, so finding the gear that would satisfy your requirements may become a serious challenge. That way it is truly advantagable to buy the equipment in a special baseball shops, where you can get all the things needed for the game. Furthemore, it is a perfect possibility to buy the equipment, which combines both high quality and great style. What is more, there are not only baseball clothing available – you have a chance to choose from big range of bags in the shop. In fact, plenty of professional sportmen choose easton bag to put their baseball gear in. For those, who do not like carrying baseball bats and other equipment in a hand, there is also a high quality easton backpack available.
To sum up, baseball player ought to have a high quality equipment in order to achieve the best rezults. In this way, he should choose all the baseball gloves, helmets and cleats with a maximum attention. In addition, it is advantagable to get the baseball gear in a specialized shop, because the choice and the quality of the assortiment there is better than in ordinary shops.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pin up haistyle for short hair

A simple pin up hairstyle for a short hair. Inspired by the 1950's it will be really suitable if you want to create a real vintage look.

Stylish and qualitative sunglasses

It is not a secret that sunglasses have become an important part of our outfit nowadays. Plenty of people all over the world enjoy wearing them. It does not matter where you come from – the sunglasses are recognized as a stylish accessory in every country. However, we often forget about their main purpose – they have to protect our sight from the negative impact of a sun. That way, the sunglasses has to be not only beutiful, but also highly qualitative. It is the reason why it is better to choose the sunglasses of the world famous brand, which are well-known because of their good products. There are a lot of reasons for what to wear the sunglasses with an intensive UV protection. Actually, the majority of sports require wearing such kind of glasses – all the bicyclists, skiers and yachtsmen are almost unimaginable without them. In fact, there is a big choice of special sunglases on the market. Such products ussually have durable lenses which provide sportsmen with a clear vision. In addition, the design is also very specific, because the sunglasses need too be convenient and compliment the facial anatomy of the sportsman. Nowadays there are plenty of such sunglasses in the shops and Oakley Asian Fit are probably one of the best, because they are designed specially for asian sportsmen. In this way they will be able to improve the sport achievements while wearing this sunglasses, because they provide the sportsmen with a comfort and a perfect clear vision. However, not only sportmen need the brand suglasses with a high quality. There are plenty of people who just cannot imagine their life without sunglasses as they protect their sight from a sun. That way the most important criterion while buying sunglasses is their quality. Actually, it is really advantagable to choose Ray Ban Sunglasses, which are one of the best selling these days. As for me it is not surprizing why plenty of people buy those sunglasses. There you can find a huge amount of different styles, so everyone can choose something that satisfies they requirements. In addition, the products of the company are tested by the time as it is popular since 1937, so you may not worry whether the sunglasses are qualitative or not. All in all, the quality of sunglasses are really important both for sportmen and ordinary people, because it provides them with a comfort and ideal protection from the sunlight.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

50's pin up makeup

There is quick and easy way to do a 50's pin up makeup. It combines both bright lips and a glamourous wing eyeliner, which is so common for a pin up style.

How to choose the right skate shoes?

Perhaps everyone, who is interested in skating, knows that the success may depend not only on your skills sometimes. Actually, shoes and clothing is also important while skating. It is the reason why the majority of skaters choose the special skating gear for their favourite activity. However, not everyone knows which features the shoes and the clothing ought to have – they have to be designed specially to help while skating.
In fact, choosing the right shoes is really significant moment for every skater. They have to have special non-slip rubber outsole, which will increase the traction beetween the pad and the surface of a scateboard. That way you will stand on it more fixedely what would allow you to do the tricks better. As a fact, there is wide variety of such shoes in the shops, but the DVS Skate Shoes are one of the best, because they are made specially for this kind of sport. Besides having the non-sip outsole, they are also known because of their bruise control technology, which reduces the negative impact which the feet take while skating. That way, skating becomes not only easier, but also much more safier.
The other aspect that is important while buying skate shoes is the convenience and the material they are made of. There is probably any sportsmen on the planet who would wear inconvenient footwear. As for skaters, the shoes have to suit them perfectly in order to improve their sport achievements. In addition, the fabric of the footwear is also significant. It have to let the air through to allow the feet breathe and reduce the unnecessary moisture. In this way you will feel more comfortable and fresh while scating. Actually, if you want to have footwear, which combines both those qualities, you may choose Oakley Shoes. This brand is commonly recognized as one of those, who offer highly qualitative and convenient footwear for sportmen.
Finally, we cannot forget about the clothing while looking for the gear for skating. Perhaps, the skater is almost unimaginable without T-shirt and loose short or pants. Actually, the main reason why such clothes are so popular among the sportsmen is their convenience which is provided by the design and the nice style.
Altogether, the right clothing and the footwear is really important while preparing for the skating. What is more, it can make the skating easier what will allow you to improve your skating skills and multiply the achievements.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pin up half updo

Pin up style is mainly recognizable by it's hairstyle. In fact, one of the most well-known is pin up half updo, which looks really great. This video shows how to do this kind of hairstyle decorated with a flower.

The most fashionable footwear of year 2011

Perhaps there is anyone in the world who haven't heard about the brand called christian louboutin. In fact, it is a well-known shoe brand, which is popular among people of different countries. It is not surprising, because the shoes are known because of it's high quality and fashionable style.
As a fact, christian louboutin brand products a wide variety of shoes. There you can easily find a footwear for a special accassion, because of a huge choice of ivory christian louboutin. What is more, the classical style of the shoes goes with modern and fashionable elements such as platform and a high heel.
In addition, it possible to buy the shoes by internet. That way you will not have to waste your time going to the shop, because you will be able to see all the available assortment on the computer screen. In fact, it is very comfortable to get fashionable chloe shoes online, when the weather is bad and it is cold outside. As a result, you may buy shoes of the brand, which is recognized as one of the best and stylish by the whole world, just by a click of your mouse.
To sum up, christian louboutin shoes brand offers a big choice of the footwear of a different styles and for various accassions, so that everyone may find something suitable.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pin Up Legs

Here is the thing. Yes some of these exercises look scary. The first time I saw someone do the one leg squat my reaction was - you have got to be kidding right? Except the person I saw doing it was a 5 year old kid at his Karate lesson. He was competing with his teacher - a buff guy in his 30's - to see who could crank out the most reps. The 5 year old won by the way.

The really important thing to remember is that you have to take on things that look scary now and again and push yourself out of your comfort zone. I know this lady that has an expensive treadmill at home. She walks on it religiously twice a day. It's great to see her taking the time from her busy day, but when I inquire why she doesn't try one of our 12 minute workout routines and save herself an hour of walking, she says that she doesn't like to sweat. So she walks the hours away each day, but she has not improved her fitness level or changed her body composition along the way. Sometimes comfort can be a drag.
Usually it just takes a gentle nudge to get people to try something new. There are always ways to "train up" to being able to do anything. Every time we put these tutorial videos together we try and fill them with these nudges - to show you that you can start with the easiest possible variation of an exercise and still get amazing benefits. The trick is to catch yourself from tuning out and getting comfortable when you first encounter something new that looks on the surface to be impossible. If you have a chair at home you can do a one leg squat. Take it on as a challenge and for gods sake don't be afraid to sweat.

Legendary Hollwyood Beauty

More from the Pin-Up Girl Series, Legendary Hollwyood Beauty, Sophia Loren. This Look uses MAC eyeshadows, FRILL, CARBON, CHARCOAL BROWN, ESPRESSO, & CORK. Gel liner from Bobbi Brown, STILA smudgepots & blush in BLUNT from MAC. Lipliner in CORK or STONE from MAC and lipstick in TANTONE with BERRY SPLASH gloss from Covergirl Wetslicks watch my video on applying false lashes too! Smiles, kandee