Thursday, August 23, 2012

Marlene Dietrich 30's makeup

There is no doubt that Marlene Dietrich is known not only as a talented actress and singer, but also as fashion icon. In fact, her famous retro makeup is widely recognized all over the world as one of the most stylish and elegant ever. The video below shows how to do Marlene Dietrich 30's makeup.

20's hairstyle for short hair

Flapper is definitely one of the most popular haistyles of 1920's. This vinatage hairstyle suits for short straight hair. In fact, you have to use wet-set curlers to do create cute 20's waves.

Where to buy high-quality clothes?

There is no doubt that shopping plays an important role in our life. Some people go to the shop regularly while the other visit it quite rarely. Actually, there may be a lot of reasons for such occasional shopping. Perhaps everyone who has been on a shopping knows that it is a time consuming process and you have to have some free time for it. Unfortunately, not every person has enough free time for this activity and just cannot do it as often as he or she would like to. However, there is an easy way to solve the problem. As a fact, more and more people are using online stores to get the products they need. As for me, buying apparel in a shop, which specializes in clothes is even more enjoyable than doing it in an ordinary way. In addition, plenty of people all over the world would agree that there is a large number of reason to prefer this way of buying clothes. Besides being much quicker and easier, this way of shopping has one more important advantage. In fact, it is a perfect way to save money, because there are some online stores, which sells products for rock-bottom prices, which are definitely lower in other shops. As a fact, offers a high quality apparel for affordable prices. The variety of clothes is truly amazing – there you can choose from Wholesale korean clothing, occasion dresses and much more other. As a matter of fact, this online store is probably the best place for buying Wholesale Womens Clothing. There you can find a huge assortment of wedding dresses, which are high quality and fashionable at the same time. It is also important to say that there is a lot of models, so every bride can find something suitable. It is also impossible not to mention that there is a wide range of Mens Fashion apparel. The online store offers a great choice of mens outerwear, shirts, jeans, accessories and other clothes. In fact, every item has a full description, which includes such important categories as product details, size chart, information about delivery and other useful info. In this way customers are able to learn more about each product by reading it's description. It is also important to mention that all products are divided in different categories what allows customers to find the one they need quickly and easily.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

60's cat eye makeup

The 60's are widely known for the stylish makeup of the decade. As a fact, the main accent was focused on eyes, which were emohasized by eyeliner and a big amount of mascara. Another way to create a 60's look is to make a cat eye makeup, which also accentuates eyes.

Where to get cosmic jewelry?

It would be very difficult to find a person, who does not like jewelry. In contrast, the majority of us wear at least one adornment every day. What is more, a large number of people have a favorite ring or earrings, which have a special meaning. The jewelry may symbolize the things that are the most important in life or remind some important events. As a fact, if you are looking for a piece of jewelry, which is not only an adornment, but also a reminder, it would be very beneficial to choose something from a motivational jewelry. In fact, David Weitzman - Jewelry artist, who is widely known as one of the best. He specializes in creating jewelry, which is not only beautiful, but also has a power to remind people things that are important to them. What is more, this skillful artist makes jewelry with a special symbolic. If you are looking for Sacred Geometry Jewelry, you can easily find the one you need among his creations. Furthermore, those, who are fascinated in talismans and would like to get one for themselves, can make their dream come true by choosing something from Astrology Jewelry created by David Weitzman.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Dita Von Teese pinup makeup

Dita Von Teese is widely known for her burlesque shows and pin up style. As a fact, her gamourous pin up make looks really stunning as it is inpired by 50's fashion. Actually, you can create the makeup easily as it is shown in the video.

Stylish dresses for any occasion

Despite the fact that the majority of women prefer wearing jeans these days, the popularity of dresses remains the same for plenty of years. As a fact, you can wear them for plenty of different occasions – from everyday life to a such special event as weddings, prom or formal meeting. That way it is not surprising that the assortment of various dresses is really huge, so you can choose a suitable attire for every occasion.
Actually, the variety of wedding dresses is really impressive nowadays. All of them differs by their style, brand, type of material and price. In this way everyone can find something suitable for the ceremony. It is important to mention that the situation is almost the same for cocktail and evening dresses. What is more, the range of such clothes is even bigger, because the variety of models and styles is almost countless – you can get both recent fashion dress or classical retro dress, which remains popular for several decades.
As a matter of fact, you can wear dresses to vary your sexual life too. Plenty of women all over the world get sexual costumes in order to impress their partners. Actually, the big choice of such dresses allows you to buy the costumes that you have always dreamy about. That way all your sexual fantasies may come true, because wearing one of the sexy princess costumes or sexy maid costumes will definitely make you and your partner really intrigued. The affordable price is another advantage of the costumes. In this way you will be able to enjoy wearing catwoman costumes for a really cheap price. In addition to this, the low cost of the dresses provides you with a possibility to get a lot of various costumes.
All in all, the variety of dresses is truly big nowadays, so it is truly reasonable to get at least one for every cause.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vintage hairstyles for short hair

Despite the common opinion that the long hair was preferable in 50's, plenty of women enjoyed their short hairstyles. In fact, short vintage haircuts ussually had curls, waves or rolls. The video shows wide range of various retro hairstyles for short hair.

40's vintage makeup

40's makeup is widely known for it's glamorous look. Actually, it is the reason why it's popularity has stayed on a high level till these days. In fact, you can easily create vintage makeup  by using the ussual cosmetics. In this way you will need a red lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, foundation and a little bit of patience to create the classical pin up look.

Fashionable prom dresses

 As a fact, everyone would be able to list plenty of occasions for wearing a dress. You can wear it both in everyday life and for a special occasion. In fact, it is probably the best way to create  beautiful and stylish look for such memerable event as weddings or prom. That way it is not a surprise that almost every bride want to get a dress that would suit her and would be fashionable at the same time. Actually, searches for an ideal dress can take a big part of your valuable time. Luckily, buying wedding or Prom dresses  by internet may be a perfect solution for the problem.
 In fact, there you can find plenty of various dresses, which differ by the style, purpose and price. In this way everyone can choose something suitable and unique. It is also impossible to forget about the affordable prices. That way brides with every amount of income have a chance to get a gorgeous attire, because there is wide choice of cheap wedding dresses. Those, whose main wish is to get a dress that looks truly impressive, can make their dream come true by choosing one of the  fashionable Quinceanera Dresses. The clothes are well-known for their high quality and unique style.