Monday, July 6, 2009

1940s stockings

40s popular option was to apply makeup to the leg, a tedious procedure that could include painting a black line up the back of the leg to complete the illusion.


  1. I love pictures of this! I find it fascinating that women used to do this. If I did it, it would just smudge straight off.


  2. Puts a new spin on "seamed stockings" doesn't it. I would never get the line straight (lol). Cait at

  3. Available to consumers nationwide by 1940, nylon stockings did not become a part of everyday life immediately or automatically. Many forces and events contributed to creating the social meaning of this new product—the 1939 New York World’s Fair, World War II, an enthusiastic press response, consumer tests and surveys, retail and marketing programs, and technical issues of manufacture and testing.

    When America entered World War II, first silk and then nylon were commandeered by the federal government (specifically the War Production Board) to supply defense needs. Overnight, stockings made of any materials became hard to find. Nylon became important to the war effort because it was used, for example, in parachutes and tires. So stockings were not available anymore and girls used to draw the seaming.

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