Monday, July 27, 2009

First Mexican Hollywood Movie Star - Dolores Del Rio

She was a star of Hollywood films during the silent era and in the Golden Age of Hollywood, becoming an important actress in Mexican films later in her life. She was generally thought to be one of the most beautiful actresses of her generation. Dolores del Río was the first Latin American movie star with international appeal, and she made an extraordinary career in 1920s and 1930s Hollywood. wiki
With the surname of her husband, del Río made her debut in the film Joanna, directed by Carewe in 1925 and released on 14 December of that year. Hollywood first noticed her appeal as a sex siren, but she struggled against the "Mexicali Rose" image initially pitched to her by Hollywood executives. Despite her brief appearance, Carewe performed an exhaustive publicity for the actress. In her second film High Steppers, Del Rio took the second female credit after Mary Astor. These films were not blockbusters, but helped increase del Río's popularity. Carewe's true intention was to transform her into a female version of Rudolph Valentino.

Since the late thirties, Dolores del Río was sought on several occasions by the Mexican film directors. She was friends with noted Mexican artists, such as Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, and maintained ties with Mexican society and cinema. After breaking off her relationship with Orson Welles, del Río decided to try her luck in Mexico, disappointed by the "American star system". Mexican director Emilio Fernández asked her to star in Flor Silvestre (1942) and the miracle happened: at 37, Dolores del Río became the most famous movie star in her country, filming in the Spanish language for the first time.

Dolores del Río and Joel McCrea in the sequence where the tropical princess Dolores del Rio dances shaking her hips, while Joel McCrea tries to rescue her from a mad tribesman ogling her from the sidelines.

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