Thursday, August 13, 2009

Claudette Colbert

1942 Claudette Colbert Lux soap
Claudette Finance (September 13, 1903-July 30, 1996), an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award American actress, film, theater and television. Born in Paris, France, and grew up in New York lawyer began his career in Broadway productions during the 1920s, and with the advent of talking pictures made films. She joined Paramount Pictures and became noted its universality. She congratulated her for a number of screwball comedy and dramatic roles, and she received Academy Award nominations for film genres. From the mid-1930s until the late 1940s, she was one of the most successful and highly paid performers in American cinema. In the 1950s, she continued to act in films, as in a number of television shows, but mostly on their work in theatre, surviving only in the late 1980s. In subsequent years, retired to his home in Barbados, where she died at the age of 92, after a series of small strokes.

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