Monday, August 10, 2009

Judy Garland

In 1954, Garland made a tour of the Warner Bros. Pictures film, A Star Is Born, and was nominated for Best Actress. This film is considered by many critics to be his best performance .

Directed by George Cukor and produced by her husband, Sid Luft (Luft and Garland through the Transcona Enterprises), this is a great undertaking in which Garland fully immersed. It was also a physically demanding role that Garland has the edge and, for the most part, constantly worried. After his release, the film was cut by nearly 30 minutes amid fears it is too long.

In the run-up to 27 Academy Awards, Garland was considered the most likely winner of Best Actress. She was unable to attend the ceremony because they had just given birth to her son Joseph Luft; A television crew Garland entered the room with cameras and cables, with the hope that Garland, winning the Best Actress Award, the award Garland televise speech. However, the Oscar went to Grace Kelly for The Country Girl (1954).

Many fans argue that Garland was "stolen" from his Oscar, and has won the (Groucho Marx sent a famous telegram after the awards, saying that it was "the largest since the Brinks robbery"). But it did win the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Musical that year.

Luft and Garland Transcona original contract with the Warner Bros. was for three pictures to be produced for the study; However, due to the little harsh edition of A Star Is Born, Garland and Luft no more films for the study.

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