Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ann Miller

Ann Miller colorized 19 years old as a blonde
Ann started when she was 14 years old.She was the fastest tap dancer in films. This is highly rare photo of her as blonde.
Ann Miller colorized 19 years old as a blonde
At the age of 13 Miller had been hired as a dancer in the "Black Cat Club" in San Francisco. The following year, Miller was offered a contract at Columbia Pictures.
Miller invented pantyhose in the 1940s as a solution to the problem of continual torn stockings during the filming of dance production numbers. The common practice had been to sew hosiery to briefs worn by Miller. If torn, the entire garment had to be removed and resewn with a new pair. At Miller's request, hosiery was manufactured for her as a single pantyhose.
She starred on Broadway in the musical "Mame" in 1969, in which she wowed the audience in a tap number created just for her. In 1979 she astounded audiences in the Broadway show Sugar Babies with fellow MGM veteran Mickey Rooney, which toured the United States extensively after its Broadway run. In 1983 she won the Sarah Siddons Award for her work in Chicago theatre.

1950s Hollywood Glamour

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