Saturday, August 1, 2009

1940s Joan Fontaine

She was born Joan De De Havilland So in Tokyo, Japan, the youngest daughter of Walter de Havilland, and the former Queen Lilian Ruse known British actress her stage name Lilian Fontaine, who married in 1914. Fontaine father, Walter, was a British patent attorney with a practice in Japan. She is the younger sister of actress Olivia de Havilland who had been false since 1975; Both participated in the Los Azucareros high school and the monastery of Notre Dame Catholic girls in Belmont, California.

At the age of two, divorced parents, Joan. Joan was sick children and developed anemia after the attack on measles and streptococcic infection. On the advice of a doctor Joan mother moved her and her sister to the United States, where they settled in the town of Saratoga, California. Joan health has improved, and she was soon dictionaries with lessons together with her sister. She also extremely bright and the child is evaluated on 160 of knowledge when she was three. When she was 15, Joan returned to Japan, and lived with his father for two years.

Tribute to the legendary actress Joan Fontaine, who was born in 1917, and began to work in 1935, received Oscar nominations for "Rebecca" and "The Constant Nymph" and won the Oscar for "Suspiction". She retired from movies in 1966, and from television and public live in 1994, the last photo of this montage is from this year, her last public appearence.

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